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Multiple Trusts (Siblings)

The overriding benefit of utilising Multiple Sibling Trusts is that the protection of the Trusts can run for the ‘life’ of the Trusts
with each Trust being afforded its own autonomy.

Your Will

In the United Kingdom, every individual is allowed to leave his or her estate to whomever they want on their death. This is achieved by preparing a Will. Wills vary in complexity due to what is intended to be achieved, but in essence all have the same basic features.


The Effects of Generational Inheritance Tax (IHT)

IHT is often referred to as the Double Whammy! It is the continued application of Inheritance Tax on assets which are bequeathed to a Beneficiary and thus increasing their own personal wealth (estate). This may mean that IHT has to be paid again on the inherited assets on death and this will continue through future generations.

How can I protect my children's inheritance

Or more commonly known as ‘Bloodline Planning’.
‘Bloodline Planning’ is ensuring that your assets reach your children, grandchildren and other relatives, rather than ending up in the wrong hands!


How can I preserve my business assets for my family

Hard work and dedication has meant that you have built up a sound business to benefit you and your family, and naturally you would want to ensure that your loved ones are provided for in the event of your death. So what if the worst should happen and either you, or a business partner were to die?

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